Top 5 New Attractions in Dubai

No town ever evolved fast as Dubai did; and it is continuing to grow and attract more and more people from all corners of the world. At the beginning of Dubai ‘era’, this city was most interesting to people who wanted to invest in business, in oil companies, in banks, hotels and infrastructure. When they did their thing and managed to build strong foundation for this extraordinary city – other things started to develop. Nowadays Dubai offers wide specter of possibilities and activities for people that are not only business oriented. Artists, scientists, doctors, sportsmen and ordinary people who just want to travel – they can all find something just for them in this city. It is hard to follow with all the new things coming up almost daily in Dubai, but we will try to list some of the newest attractions.

Dubai Opera is something extraordinary! This monumental building looks amazing. Like a big beautiful floating shell. Though it is called ‘opera’, many kinds of events take place here: concerts, movie premieres and screenings, performances, exhibitions and ballets. Its acoustic is incredible, as well as the lights that can create some surreal effects.

Dubai finally got its own Legoland. Huge and colorful place is a heaven for Lego lovers, and of course – especially for children. Monumental statues built entirely of Legos are breathtaking. It is well known that some people did manage to turn Lego activities into art. They say that some of the Dubai’s biggest and most popular sites will be rebuilt in Legoland. Walking through this Legoland can also be educational because some of the sculptures will represent the culture and tradition of UAE.

Hindi film industry found its place in Dubai. There is a new theme park called Bollywood Park entirely dedicated to actors, directors, movies and many awards this unique industry got in the past decades. Apart from being amusement park with rides, guides, movie posters and portraits of famous Bollywood people, this park has one of the biggest cinema theatres that can host almost 900 people. Only Bollywood movies are shown here.

The thing that is making tourists and locals excited is the day when The Dubai Eye will see the light of the day. It will be placed in Bluewaters Island. With its height of 210 meters and almost 50 capsules it will rise the spectators high above the ground showing them the entire Dubai skyline. It will be able to carry more than 1400 people at the time. Around the Eye one will be able to enjoy a nice dinner, teas and some sweets, go on a little shopping spree and then rest in one of the luxury hotels surrounding this spectacular wheel. What else is there to be said except ‘Watch out London Eye, there is a new guy in town?’

Even if you decide to travel to Dubai right now, be sure that some totally new things will appear till the next morning.