Famous Residents of Dubai

UAE are packed with sheiks, princes, abnormally rich people and some of them are very famous. Money gives you the power and power makes you exposed and recognizable. There are also some rich and famous who are not native and who bought apartments and houses in Dubai because it became clear twenty years ago that Dubai is a place to be if you want to follow the latest trends when it comes to fashion, oil industry, starting businesses, medicine, economy and all other sorts of growth.

Some of the most famous sportsmen, sportswoman, actors, models and singer do own properties in Dubai, but it is interesting that they did not really pay for their luxury homes; they got them as a compensation for being hired in a marketing campaign by some construction company, bank or sports gear producer.

One of the three most popular couples in the world, Victoria and David Beckham own very luxurious villa on the Palm Island. They are the example of those who got the place for being promoters of the developing company. Like many other famous people – they don’t really live there, but unlike many others they do spend a lot of time in Dubai and enjoy its wonders.

Bollywood stars are very popular in UAE, so it is only natural that many of them own or rent apartments and houses in Dubai.

Michael Schumacher is one of the house owners. He also got his by promoting one of the companies building that and many other houses on the shore of Jumeirah.

There are also those who are saying that Dubai is their second home. Some suspect that they do have properties in Dubai, but for some reason – they are hiding that information. Anyway, Donald Trump came to Dubai few years ago, proposing that there should be a Trump tower; by putting his name close to Dubai sky – he will be living there in a way. Boris Becker spent a lot of time in the most popular city of UAE. He played many tournaments there, coached many players and he spends a lot of time with his family in Dubai. Dubai has one of the most popular golf tournaments in the world, so it makes perfect sense that Tiger Woods calls it a home. Many of the sheiks are his dear friends and he visits them on regular basis and spends holidays, shopping sprees and training periods in Dubai.

Robert de Niro owns the restaurant in Dubai, so we can call him the resident. Giorgio Armani ‘occupied’ few floors of Burj Khalifa making it his life fashion and design project and Donatella Versace followed his footsteps. There is a rumor that Hillary Swank also owns one of the apartments in this prestigious city for rich.

Neighbors say that one of the most likable and positive famous property owners in Dubai is Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri. They were given a beautiful home on Palm Islands and they named it ‘Heaven’.