Facial treatment for men in Dubai

Healthy appearances play a crucial role in deciding your career performance, since beauty is directly linked to self-esteem and the way you are viewed. Men also face the burden these days to look young and restful.

Constant occupational tension, however, adds to wrinkles, added weight and fine lines. The beauty therapies for men will tackle these symptoms of premature ageing. While beauty treatments are mainly for women, the number of men who prefer deep cleansing facial in Dubai has been rising in recent years.

Dermatologists and aesthetics see a rise in male patients, so topical procedures are tailored for male skin. The explanation is that the male skin is smoother and has a high density of collagen.

Five very effective and common therapies for men are present here:

Microdermabrasion: This is a non-invasive procedure in which, using a portable unit, the dead skin layer is carefully dissolved. Either this system sands away or extracts cells from the dead. The FDA has approved microdermabrasion in 1996 which is suited for all forms of skin. This procedure will be used to restore damaged skin and also to lighten skin tones.

Botox: The skin is treated with botulinum toxin in the Botox process, a protein that relaxes the muscles and allows wrinkles to fade. The laughing lines, crow’s foot, forehead pins and brown lines are very effective for decreased.

Ultrasound therapy: This treatment uses ultrasound technology to promote the development of collagen, reducing the thinness and strengthening the sloppy skin.

Organic scrub: chemical skins are used for the treatment of dead cells of the skin. They enhance the texture and elasticity of your skin and perform very well to minimise acne cells. This procedure can be done on the face, hands, arms, and legs.

Dermal pads: Dermal pads can be one of the most effective anti-aging therapies used by men. These are injectable products which your dermatologist prepares based on the particular requirement of your skin. Dermal fillers dependent on hyaluronic acid are perfect for roughness and flaccidity therapy. The skin is replaced by dermal-based fillers containing polylactic acid. Men also use dermal fillers to prevent howling under their jawlines from forming.

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