Things you need to know about Acai berries

Acai is one of the most exotic and fruitful fruits of the entire world because it contains essential vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin C complex. As well as, it also contains vital nutrients like protein content and fatty acids that can help you stay fit and healthy while you are on the verge of using and consuming the acai fruit. You can get the best acai bowls in best coffee shops in Dubai.

Although it becomes rancid 48 hours after losing its root, it is still one of the fruits that people of Central and South America vows to use not only as desserts but also as a main course dish.

However, there are some things regarding the fact that why it is so popular and why people consider using it more rather than any other fruit available in the world. Therefore, there are some things that you just need to know before opting towards consuming the fruit and using it for the cause of becoming healthy and fit.

Look at here for further details:

  1. Although it was never popular outside the parts of Central and South America, it became popular after Oprah Winfrey, when she discussed the acai fruit in one of her shows where Dr. Oz was the guest and he also added to her discussion and told the world that it is going to be a future superfood. Before Oprah Winfrey mentioned the term “acai berry fruits” – people never considered that the fruit exists in the world and has vital and essential nutrients and ingredients respectively.
  2. The fruit is exotic and that is we all know but little do we know is that it is from the floodplains and are native to the Brazilian swamps as it grows on the rainforests of the Amazon and many others located Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and many parts of the Central and South America – making it one of the exotic fruit and also hard to get fruit because the acai palm tree grows out to be 60 feet taller.
  3. The acai palm tree is 60 feet taller and the fruit is hard to get but once you get it, you must know that it is rich in not only protein content and fatty acids but it also includes many antioxidants that help you to get rid of free radicals that can lead you towards diabetes and other diseases.