Interesting Facts about Make-up

There are so many things about make-up and cosmetics that we don’t know. Scroll down and read some of the interesting facts about them!

  1. Coal tar was used as liner and mascara in the era of Elizabeth and majority of the women that use coal tar were blind.
  2. In 1889, the deodorants were sold publically in market for the first time.
  3. The patent for nail polish was issued in 1919. At that time, there was pink nail polish only.
  4. There were two boys with the name of Frank. They started MAC in 1985.
  5. In past, women used to use black velvet to make and create beauty marks for their face.
  6. The trend of shaving underarm hair was started after 1915 when women saw an ad in which the model had shaved underarms.
  7. According to stats, a woman spends around $15,000 on make-up in her lifetime.
  8. Women were not allowed to wear or apply red lipstick on the sets by Elizabeth Taylor.
  9. It is famous about Cleopatra that the queen used to soak her ship sails in perfume so that they would smell pleasantly. It might be her signature smell.
  10. During the movements of feminism, many of the women used to apply red lipstick a symbol of freedom to demand right to vote. One of them was Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
  11. Aztecs used to make red lipstick by using beetles.
  12. Although belladonna is a poison, its drops were used by roman women on their lashes to make it appear bigger and longer.
  13. Hair spray started to sell in market for masses in 1960 for the first time.
  14. Women of the era of Elizabeth had used different and idiotic ways to look prettier. Many of them had used arsenic to make their skin look pale and beautiful.
  15. Women had craze to look prettier so much in Elizabeth era that the Queen was wearing lipstick when she died.
  16. Cosmetics are the love of every woman. That’s the reason why industry could make $170 billion every year in the world.

So, these are some interesting facts about make-up that might glue your eyes and make you think what women have done to their eyes and face by using poison. Fortunately, such practices are not followed today in Hair Salon Tecom and Kids Salon JLT.