Characteristics A Voice Over Artist Should Possess

Voice overs are the ones who gives life to any video. Without this element, your videos will sound lifeless and bland. They also help your target audience to be engage on watching your streams. This is the reason why many marketing and advertising companies are investing on trusted companies that are provider reliable voice over artist in Dubai. This person will lend his voice to make any video production better.


If you are on the look for a voice talent for a project, here are some voice traits that you need to hear or look out for.


  • Articulateness


Being articulate is important quality that a voice over talent should possess and this traits also makes him a top choice. Why? Easily understanding the script and the context behind it makes voicing more natural. Usually, people are quite articulate in speaking their native language or lingua franca, but there are some talented speakers and voice over talents who can master articulateness in other languages. It would be best if you can find a multi-talented voice over talent who can speak well in many languages.


  • Proper pace when doing voice overs


The pacing sets how fast or slow the video should go, not only in terms of the speed but also overall feel. Voice over have the power to set that pace, but in accordance to the requirements of the script. Upon reading the script or the brief, the voice over talent must be able to determine the proper pacing for the project. The right rhythm and tempo of his voice will play a big role on setting the vibe of the video.


  • Impeccable enunciation


Apart from pacing, a voice over talent should have an impeccable enunciation. A lot of people are quite confused with what enunciation means. This merely refers to the ability to pronounce words and phrases clearly. In voicing, clarity is important as the audience would hang on to every word that the narrator would say. If the narrator is not that adept in enunciation, there is a chance that the words would not sound that good in the post-production and during the launch or live stream and will lead the audience to just disregard the video altogether.


  • Creative voicing

Creating voicing, in this case, is a manner to which a voice over will provide a feeling to a line or a script. This talent is actually rarely and very difficult to practice. Being able to translate the emotion to a line is something that many advertising companies and animators look for in a voice talent.

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