Car Repair and Detailing Categories

In every region of the world, a huge variety of automobiles and vehicles are getting advance to provide comfortable and speedy transportation. In accordance with the production, its repair and maintenance demands quality automobile workshops where technically-sound and qualified people deal with the vehicle detaining. Technical staff for best car detailing in Abu Dhabi should be qualified with a technical institute with minimum five-year certification experience to perform these intricate tasks. An expert workshop can be categorized as per the facilities it provides to luxury, exotic and ordinary cars and other vehicles.

  • Auto Parts Store Rooms: It is a warehouse and facilitator to provide on time auto part delivery where ever it is needed. Though it is more common in UK and USA but it is equally important in UAE and other Asian counties. Usually exotic cars have unique structure, exteriors and interiors, therefore it`s on time delivery needs proper maintenance and availability of particular part.
  • Automobile repair Workshop: A workshop is an independently owned repair business which can be done with a regional or a nationwide chain. It can be certified by original equipment manufacturer OEM with proper car dealership through different web sites to provide supply of original auto parts to various regions. The certification is a trade symbol for proper warranty and repair claims settlements. Due to some legislations and regulatory requirements luxury car’s auto parts are highly sensitive and copy-righted by original manufacturers and if any repair shop is facilitating its customers by providing copied auto parts to get additional profit, they can face legal troubles.
  • Specialized automobile repair shops: These shops are specialized in certain parts such as mufflers, brakes, exhaust systems, body parts, transmission, electrification, AC repairs, windscreen repairs and installation, and wheels installation and alignment etc. for specific brands of vehicles. They are also well-equipped to provide certain additions or subtractions in vehicle designs according to customer’s needs. These repair shops posses expertise in customization which needs proper work experience.
  • Mobile Mechanics Online: At home service providers are also dramatically increasing due to the lack of station based jobs and unemployment. These service providers are mostly qualified mechanics but some others have hit and try expertise so they are highly vulnerable for vehicle repair and need proper investigation before getting hired.
  • Car Body Repair and Customization: Denting and painting services are quite different from auto parts replacements and repair work. Many workshops are designed to provide expertise in bumper repair and quality vehicle painting. Many vehicles faced road accidents in which reinstallation of any vehicle body part is not needed but just few denting and painting is necessary to regain the original look.

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