A guideline for buying car paint protection products

Most customers do not know about the different types of paints or they are not sure what is beneficial for their car. What to use and how to use that’s the most common question that people ask. For the protection of car from sun rays, debris and weather people need the best quality of the product that can provide best protection layer. You must need to take a closer look at the various products because all products have not the same properties. They can be differed by specifications and benefits.

Two types of car protection paint

Car tinting Dubai film consists of urethane material and it is in transparent form. It is applied to the external painted surface of the car. Paint protection film plays an important role in storing the quality of the car. It also prevents the car from various kinds of damage such as marks or scratches, chemical stains, swirl marks, hard water spot, and many more.

The second type of protection paint is a ceramic coating. It is also applied at the external surface of the car. It is a liquid form of the polymer. It works by combining its own properties with the properties of factory paint of the car. It makes bond and creates a protective layer and a hydrophobic surface. Although hydrophobic surface used for 3m tinting in Dubai has many beneficial properties and with the help of ceramic coating, hydrophobic properties can easily establish that can help the car owner in many ways such as car can be clean for longer, the car can be wash easily when the time comes, reducing risk of damages, reduce chemical marks and many more. Therefore, both products have the same role to play. they both keep our car protective and can keep your car newer for the longer but most important aim they both have is to protect the car from UV exposure and acidic contaminants. So how would you choose one option from both of them product as they have similar properties and same work to do. Moreover, there are some differences and on the base off these differences, you can select one of them that can suit on your car’s situation.


Both products have some dissimilarities that can use for different purposes. The main difference is that the paint protection film happens to be a tad bit thicker than the ceramic coating. Apart from that, it is considered to be faster than ceramic coating it can absorb a lot of elements like hard water spots, rock chips and even smaller scratches. It makes it possible by using chemical compositions that work on self-healing. While ceramic coating has not self-healing quality and it is not more capable then paint protection film in reducing the damages and absorbing marks. However, the ceramic coating has one advantageous property of the hydrophobic surface it creates. As hydrophobic properties are useful and essential. On the other hand, paint protection paint does not perform well in creating hydrophobic properties.