Things That You Will Learn When Your Take A H2S Training

H2S Training, also known as the Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Training is a specialized training that is offered and conducted to companies and organizations who are dealing with such elements. It is important that these companies have the proper training when dealing with crucial elements and compounds such as hydrogen sulfide since it is dangerous.

For those who are about to take this course, here are the basic things that you will learn:

  • What hydrogen sulfide is

The first thing that attendees should need to know is the element or the compound itself. Trainers and instructors will have a basic overview of hydrogen sulfide, its properties and what the element is all about. They would have an idea what industries are commonly using this gas compound but also what they are used for.

More importantly, attendees will be briefed on the inherent risks brought by prolonged exposure to hydrogen sulfide and what it can do to one’s health. It is must that the workers will have basic knowledge of what kind of chemical compound they are dealing with so they will be fully prepared.


  • How to detect hydrogen sulfide

After introducing the basic properties of hydrogen sulfide and its health risks, the attendees will be briefed and taught on how to detect a presence of hydrogen sulfide in an area. Hydrogen sulfide is colorless gas which is pretty hard to identify. The attendees will be given a comprehensive lesson on detecting the presence of this poisonous gas in a confined space, how the levels are measured and the level of exposure that is acceptable to workers. It would also involve the symptoms of chronic and acute toxicity due to exposure.


  • How to work safely with hydrogen sulfide

At times, working with this kind of element is inevitable. What the employers can do is to thoroughly briefed and provide instructions to workers on how to work with hydrogen sulfide. Part of the training is to provide worksite awareness, safety precautions, and responsibilities of both the worker and the employer.


  • Equipment used to reduce exposure to hydrogen sulfide

Aside from safety precautions, it is a must for the attendees to know what are the tools and equipment that need to use to help detect and prevent exposure to hydrogen sulfide. Instructors will be given a list of equipment that they can use on working with such poisonous gas compound.


  • Precautions when entering areas that contains hydrogen sulfide

Having precaution and contingency plan is a must when working with such unstable and dangerous chemical element or compound. The last part of the training is dedicated to creating a plan if and when a hydrogen sulfide leak is detected in the area.

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