Security Updates You Can Make For Your Office

If you are looking for an business center dubai, seeking out a secure location should be your number one priority. However, crimes such as invasions, robberies, vandalism, and more can happen to anyone, including the safest of communities. While making endless plans to re-tweak the layout of your office to turn it in to an impervious fortress are futile, you can incorporate a few changes here and there to deter such poachers:

Hinges and Door-Jambs

The most easy-to-breach entry point for most office break-ins is simply unlocking or breaking the front door. Thus, your best line of defense against criminals is to make sure that your doors can’t be lock-picked or hand kicked. This is accomplished by upgrading the doors, especially around the door jambs and hinges. Both are composed of plastic or wood, making them extremely vulnerable to breaks. If you upgrade to steel hinges and door jambs, it would render the door extremely difficult to breach. In addition, if you decide to revamp the dead bolts of all exterior doors, so that the length of the metal extending into the door jamb is at least one inch long, it would make it impossible to kick the door off the frame.

Glass and Windows

After the main exterior doors, windows are the second best entry points for the offices. Fortunately, there are a plethora of areas you can touch up on windows. Once you have chosen an Co-working spaces in Dubai, not only should you install a real window lock on all your windows, you can also add tinted films or one way mirrors to your windows, preventing anyone from sneaking a peak during the day.

Install a Top-Notch Security System

One of the best ways of enhancing security and safety inside your office is to invest in a cutting edge, top-notch automated security system. The most advanced security systems are designed to be communicative and intelligent, and capable of providing a real time video-feed. Even if your office already incorporates a viable security system, it doesn’t hurt to stay abreast of the latest features and consider making an upgrade.

Enhance the Exterior of Your Home with Motion Detection Lighting

One of the smartest ways of revamping your office security is to invest in motion detection lighting around your workplace. Most burglars are opportunists and only attempt to target offices that appear to be empty. Additionally, they also seek dark places that would conceal them in shadows as they enter or leave. Their goal is to make a quick entrance and back, without being noticed by passersby. Motion detection lighting is triggered by sensors for even the slightest movements, and illuminates your workspace with bright lights.