Reasons Why You Need To Have Your Documents Attested

For those who are not familiar with the process of document attestation in UAE, it is a process of having your papers and documents certified and notarized for various use. The reason behind this requirement is that certain jurisdictions have no way of knowing whether the documents being presented to them is genuine. It they have to check it, they would have to allow time for authentication and the duration would depend on the organization or institution they are dealing with.  This would delay the process of some agencies and lead to inefficiencies.


To solve this issues, they introduced the process of document attestation for non-citizens and residents. Aside from the obvious reason, there are still use for your attested document like:


  • Employment requirements

A lot of companies in Dubai require their non-resident and citizens onboarding employees to have their documents notarized and authenticated. Since HR heads and personnel have barely have time to check whether certificates being presented to them is genuine, they have their applicants to do it for themselves. They would have to submit the original copy of the require documents with the authenticated stamp on the back before it will accepted by the employers or any agency.


  • Enrolling your kid to a UAE school

Like employment, enrolling yourself or your kids to a UAE-based school would require their student-applicants to have a set of attested documents from their previous schools. These attested school records would certify that you really were enrolled to a certain academic institution and that the documents you are presenting are genuine. So before enrolling your kids, be sure that you have this sorted out. Ask the institution for a list of documents that need to be attested and talk to a law firm in UAE on the process.


  • Having legal documents for business use

If you are a foreign investor forming and establishing your company in UAE, there are certain business and legal documents that will be asked from you for the registration. Oftentimes, these document should be certified by your country of origin and target jurisdiction. This is where document attestation comes in. With an authenticated business papers, it will be easier for you to form your company in UAE and for the governing bodies to approve your registration.


  • You have authenticated papers with you

Attested documents can serve as legal documents and legit proof of identity for non-residents. This is one of the reasons why immigrating applicants are asked to have their documents attested so they have papers to present when they are applying for immigration and citizenship.