Facts About Designs

There is a shape or you can say a design in everything around us. Even the design or you can say the shape of the earth, the mountains and everything in the universe. If you have the right equipment, then you can also see the design of the sound and noise as well.

When we hear the word design, all we think abut are the fashion designers or graphic designers and different minds come up with different words and terms that are associated with design.

If you are about to open a brand then it is best that you take suggestion from the best company that can formulate a brand strategy in UAE or you can take the best consultation from the best design agency in Dubai.

It is best that you know all about the stats and facts of brands so that you know that where to start off and how to start off, keep reading to know more;

  1. We are all fond of colors and if a person is color blind then don’t worry because the experts have gotten a glass which you wear, you will always see colors. And there are different options as well and you must know that all the brands that are the top brands, they have blue in their color.
  2. And that is why 80 percent of the brands are recognized by their color mostly.
  3. Though there are many kinds of fonts but a designer is a sometimes asked to use only 2 or 3 types of fonts only. and if some designer used more then 2 or 3 fonts, the logo will look bad and immature.
  4. How long do you think people look at a logo and for which brands spend millions of dollars? The brain just sees a logo fully within 400 milli second.
  5. There are only seven types of designs in the world of logo and that are;
  6. Abstract
  7. Mascot
  8. Combination mark
  9. Emblem
  10. Letter mark
  11. Pictorial mark
  12. Word mark.
  13. There are 31 flavors of ice cream in Baskin and Robbins and you will be shocked to know that all the 31 colors are there in the logo but in a way that no one would ever guess and never know.