5 Tips On Booking Your Dubai Travel Activities When You Are Low In Cash

Traveling is one of the pleasure in life that you need to take advantage of. However, some people prefer to delay their travelling plans due to budget constraint. But you don’t have to delay it for too long. Just follow these budget travelling tips so you can fulfill your travel goal with limited resources.

  • Get to know the place

The first order of business when booking your travel activities is to get to know the place first. Why? So, you will know what activities you can do for the trip. You can probably search the best restaurant deals in Dubai you can book and what hotels and lodging places offer the most competitive price. You can have a travel agency make arrangements for you, but if you are running on a tight budget, you might want to do it yourself. You can save on additional fees and have the chance to customize your trip according to the duration of your vacation and the budget that you have on hand.

  • List the things you want to do


You probably got too excited when you did your research and wants to explore every corner and try out everything that excites you. But you have to face the reality that there will be limitations to this trip. So when booking your Dubai travel activities, you need to take into account the time and travel budget you have. In this case, you need to prioritize. You may want to narrow down your activity list and see what you can squeeze in given your budget and time limitations.

If you are having a hard time selecting the activities, look down your notes and see what you can eliminate based on your preference and budget. You may want to splurge on some unusual adventures like going for Dubai scuba diving deals. You may want to forego some of the activities due to budget constraints, but the trick here is to let of the things that is less interesting to you.


  • Travel and book during offseason

It is a well-known fact that books during off season can save you tons of travel money. During off-season, there are less people and tourist spots lower their prices and packages to accommodate tourist on their lean period. Take advantage of this situation and book your travel dates around this time.


  • Use credit rewards

If you have been saving for your travel fun, then that it is good. Still, you can save much more if you leverage your credit card points that has been unused for such a long time. You can use your credit card reward points to get discounts on airfare and hotel rate. You just need to check where these points are available.