Natural Latex mattress and its medical usage

Buying a comfortable mattress is not an easy job nowadays. Though natural latex mattress is considered the best, availability of huge variety and similar to feel products it is far more difficult to choose the right product which fulfills your desires. Therefore, here we are providing some details about mattress to make people understand the differences between natural, blended, and synthetic latex.


Liquid latex through the vulcanization process produces latex foam which is further categorized by natural, synthetic or blend, according to the percentage of involvement of chemicals in it.

The tree named Hevea-Brasilienis tree, also known as rubber tree, produces a milky white liquid from which natural latex is derived. South America has cultivated a vast range of this tree due to its remarkable value of producing rubber in the 19th century. It is grown mainly in Sri Lanka which has the perfect climate for its harvest. Every single tree produces latex for up to twenty years. Natural latex is very thick substance and thickened by mixing water before further processing.


Natural latex foam is very compassionate and bouncy by nature. Natural latex foam has mild and less scratchy smell than synthetic latex and also it is a bit reluctant to absorb odors.


Synthetic latex is a prototype or synthetic form of natural latex. It is produced from petrochemicals in factories and as chemicals are less eco-friendly, they are less recommended. They have hard odors at the time of formation. They are less bouncy as compared to natural latex and usually very cost-effective for buyers.


As reflected by its name blended latex foam is produced with rational mixing of both natural and synthetic latex. It is very cost-effective due to occupying less natural resources and providing better finished product as compared to synthetic foam.


In the United Arab Emirates, world’s best hospitals are designed to provide quality health care services. Medical mattresses or therapeutic or hospital bed mattresses are very important due to their nature of use. It gives proper rest and support to a patient recovering in the hospital.

There are five types of hospital bed mattresses available in the market which are design according to the patient’s recovery requirements.


  1. Innerspring Hospital Bed Mattress to drive patient in hospital
  2. Gel Foam Mattress for spinal rest and support
  3. Air pocket Spring Innerspring Mattress
  4. Deluxe Innerspring Mattress
  5. Therapeutic Foam Mattress


Competition in the field of mattresses is creating not only huge choice range for its customers but quality, comfort and cost benefit analysis is becoming much easier. Medical mattress in UAE gives enormous variety to the customers so they find real luxury of treatment and feel the comfort of home.