How to Impress the CEO with Executive Chairs

There are many international hotspots for multinational corporations. One of the most prominent ones is Dubai. Recently it has seen a heavy influx of multinational corporations. These corporations have not only established offices in the area, but hey have taken an interest in investing in the state as well. This has led to many multinational corporations developing regional offices in the area. These offices are often visited by the higher ups in the chain of command an even CEO’s may visit the offices on a yearly of biannual basis. Seeing that the impression of the CEO is one of the most important things in the career of an employee, it is imperative that the most comfortable and the most impressive furniture is provided in the offices that the CEO and other VIP guests are going to visit and use.

Choose the Right Brand

When we examine the various benefits that  executive chairs in Dubai has to offer, we can at once see that there are not many indigenous manufacturers of executive chairs; therefore most people will usually import their chairs from well-known manufacturers. One of the most important things to keep in mind in this regard is that not every well-known brand is suitable for designing chairs for offices in Dubai. The choice of brand should therefore be based on two things.

Spend the Right amount

The first thing is the price. As this is a set of executive chairs that is being ordered, they will not be cheap. Office chairs price in UAE and other states is not that high. But the import of chairs may set you back by about $2000-3600 per set of 12 chairs for the conference room. However there are many manufacturers that provide exclusive and customised chairs. It is worthwhile to look at their features before making the choice, for sometimes the best things are the subtle touches. For example, a CEO will be highly impressed to see that all the chairs in the conference room are executive chairs that have the logo of the company embossed on the upholstery instead of the generic logo of the maker.

Comfort and style

The second thing to keep in mind is that these chairs should be designed to impress. They should be comfortable, elegant and easy to use. For example, a chair that has a lot of bells and whistles may be a hassle and all the different features that it offers may be simply disregarded. On the other hand, a basic chair will be too simple. The best chair will have mechanism for height adjustment and back adjustment, and it should have good and comfortable armrests. It should blend in with the room, so it is not a distraction.