4 Getaway Planning Tips For New Couples

Being new in the relationship is an exciting phase. These are the moments when you still feel giddy and exciting. For some couple, it is the best time to go on a trip and spend these exciting phase with their loved ones.

But planning this kind of trip might be a little tricky as you are still in the “getting-to-know-each-other” phase. But it doesn’t have to be awkward. Here are some tips to make your couple’s getaway a hit!

  • Know what your partner likes


Before you schedule any planning or book any place to stay in, you might need to talk to your partner about this.  Get to know the sense of the activities he is interested in. You don’t want him to feel left out on the planning and find out that the trip is solely based on what you want and your interest. That can be a bad mood-breaker.


Be sure to get his inputs about the trip you are planning. If he wants you to plan everything, still ask for his input.


  • Compromise


You also need to consider what you want to do on your vacation. If you already know what your partner wants, you can make a list for yourself. Of course, you will not be able to do everything on the list. Pick a common interest and maybe pick one or two activities that both of you might enjoy.


If you want to have some alone time during this trip, be sure to tell him politely, so he can also make plans on his own. Do not be embarrassed to inform him about it. He will not take it against you.


  • Pick a romantic getaway place


Since this is couple’s getaway, be sure to pick a place that is romantic and quiet. It would be best to pick a place that is far from the busy city. A hotel near a busy place does not sound too romantic. Moreover, the loud noise can be a distraction from your romantic vacation. Pick somewhere quiet and isolated like the Desert Palm Hotel in Dubai. This urban oasis is a perfect getaway for couples who are seeking some alone time.



  • Do not bring anyone with you

One thing that can ruin a romantic getaway is bringing someone into the trip, whether it is a relative or a close friend. Your partner might not like someone hovering or disturbing your romantic vacation.


  • Enjoy your time together

Imagine, you and your partner are booked in a Desert Palm Per Aquum hotel and having some nice quiet time together. Enjoy every moment of it. Do not bring distractions like work or gadgets. Just focus on your vacation and pampering your special someone.