Legally-protected Will Writing in UAE

Will writing is not a rocket-science and people used to write their wills according to their religious points of view or as per their desire to make beneficiary of their assets, properties and all bank balances. Some people ask a legal advisor or a solicitor to write a legally-authentic and unchallengeable will to make sure no occurrence of future disputes or conflicts between the family members. The will writing needs few considerations like clarity about the topic, preferably written with the help of computer or typewriter or by using any software to guard against any chances of writing errors or confusions. Before writing a will, you should refer some online material available to understand the addressing way and inclusive details to make sure nothing remains passive from your last words. Abu Dhabi Wills writing styles are a preferable way to concern for perfect drafting and reconciliation.

Before writing your will, make sure following the sequence for appropriate writing:

  1. A Proper Title: Document should be identified with a proper headline to create its importance and legal authenticity. “Last will of Mr. ABC without pressure” or “Last Words for Property and Assets Allocation” etc. can be highlighted to clear the purpose of this document. Your full name and complete address should clearly be mentioned very next to the title so that it is easily understandable to whom the will belongs. To write and announce a will it is most important that you should be major (18-year-old) and in a sound psychological and mental condition. The statement should be mentioned in the very first line of your will that you are not writing this will under any stress or pressure. A prototype Will format will guide you with examples.
  2. Mention Your Will Executor: Mention the name of the will executor or authorize a legal advisor to open and announce that will after your death. An executor can be your spouse or a friend.
  3. State Your Nominees: Mention all your major nominees who are successors of your assets, properties, and bank balance.
  4. Minors Guardian Name: Minor kids are not legally advisable to handle their share in properties and other assets, therefore a guardian should be nominated on behalf of minors to take care of their belonging till 18 years of age or any age you have mentioned.
  5. Asset and Belongings Details: Mention all the stuff and cash you want to distribute among your relatives and family members. You can even write down any donation details too.
  6. Authorized Signature: At the very end never forget to sign on your Will to make it legally authentic document.

The DIFC probate provides a detailed guideline to register your will according to your assets type and guardianship arrangements.