How to get more clients for your new Business via Facebook

So, you’ve just realized that Facebook isn’t just meant to be used to keep a tab on your friends? Well, about time you did, as you are surely missing out on hundreds and thousands of clients for your business! Yes, it is one of the most effective business tools endorsed by social media influencers in UAE these days, as it can help you market your products, connect with your existing customers and acquire new clients.

How to set up your advertising campaign on Facebook

Getting started with setting up your advertising campaign on Facebook isn’t hard. What you need to do is log on to your Facebook account. Once you get to your profile page, you would need to click on the text on the right side of your screen stating ‘Create an Ad’. When the next page gets loaded, click on the ‘Create an Ad’ button that is given in the top right corner of the page. This is going to direct you to the advertisement page. Now, you need to follow through three different steps, which are:


  1. Designing your ad

Here are a few elements that require attention once you set down to designing your business ad:


  1. Destination URL
    You can set the destination URL here to either an internal Facebook page, application or group that you have created, or to your own website. To be honest, the option that you choose in this regard depends totally over your ad campaign’s goals and objectives.


  1. Title and text for your ad
    The title that you use for your ad needs to be two things: catchy, and straight to the point – no bull! Remember, the title can be a mere 25 characters and you need to use them as wisely as possible.


  1. Image
    Your ad is going to contain an image, and you need to make sure that it is relevant to its overall content. In order to build brand awareness, it is highly recommended for you to make use of your business logo. If not, you could just use an appealing and catchy image that holds relevancy to your ad text.


  1. Targeting

The major reason why Facebook advertising is so powerful is because it makes it possible for you to focus solely on your target market as per your specific preferences that can actually be stored within the platform. You can target the users of Facebook by means of their demographics, location, education, interests, likes, work and even the connections that they have on Facebook. For example, if you service all of the UAE, and are targeted on individuals who are over 18 years of age and speak English, then you can set these preferences for your ad, so that it can be shown only to your targeted market. Try this for the best exposure.


  1. Pricing and campaigns
    Moving on, you would need to pick a name for your campaign and fix its budget. You would also need to set up a schedule so that your ad can be displayed according to it. Once you click the ‘Review Ad’ button, you’re all set to start off your campaign by hitting the ‘Run my ad now’ button on the next page. Here, you would have to enter your payment details so that the campaign can be initiated.